The High Sun

Two neighboring Balkan villages, one Croatian and one Serbian, set the stage for three different love stories. The first takes place in 1991, with tensions rising between the two villages as each anticipates the rapidly approaching war. Amid an atmosphere of madness, confusion, and fear, lovers Jelena (Tihana Lazovic) and Ivan (Goran Markovic) are preparing to elope in secret, at least until Jelena’s brother Sasha (Dado Cosic) learns of their plans and tries to stop them. The second narrative takes place in 2001, after the war has ended. Its scars are still too fresh for a couple to form an ongoing relationship, though, as revealed when Serbia-based Natasha (Lazovic) meets Croatian handyman Ante (Markovic). The final story is set in 2011, when love might be able to take root if the lovers can finally break free of the past. Luka (Markovic) returns to the village to attend a rave and see Marija (Lazovic), his Serbian ex, again. By having the same two actors appear as the different pairs of lovers in each of the three decades, the film reveals the dangers of repeating history and giving in to a “code of hatred.”

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