SEED: The Untold Story

This feature-length documentary takes viewers on a powerful journey that exposes the fatal secrets of the seed industry. During the 20th century alone, we lost an estimated 94 percent of our vegetable varieties and faced the largest seed shortage in history. A number of dedicated farmers and seed keepers have taken on the task of keeping the rest of our seeds safe from extinction, but they face significant obstacles: the commodification and hybridization of seeds by large corporations such as Monsanto. Not only are these companies depleting the seed industry, but they are also poisoning the communities who live near their unregulated test plots. Though these challenges may seem insurmountable, this documentary gives hope to a brighter future by highlighting the independent farmers, seed savers, and other good Samaritans who are doing their part to protect the diversity of our agricultural heritage and to alert the public to what the hybrid companies are doing. SEED: The Untold Story features a combination of interviews, archived footage, and animation to tell a compelling narrative about the seed industry. By the end of the film, every viewer will understand the magic of seeds and the importance of growing one’s own life force.

View on the Seattle International Film Festival website