Adam Scott (“Parks and Recreation”) stars as Robbie, a blind athlete who’s handsome, successful, and more than a little arrogant. He regularly participates in marathons and charity runs as a way of raising money for other blind people, an act of kindness perhaps somewhat diminished by how often he brags about and flaunts his athletic prowess. He’s also a local celebrity, adored by fans and broadcast news reporters alike. Meanwhile, Robbie’s sighted brother Bill (Nick Kroll, “Kroll Show”) stays by Robbie’s side every step of the way, acting as his eyes during marathons and other athletic events. Despite Bill’s own accomplishments, he tends to get overlooked—a consequence of standing in the shadow of his successful blind brother. Feeling resentful and jealous, Bill heads out to drown his sorrows, only to get sidetracked when he inadvertently crashes a wake taking place at the bar. There he meets Rose (Jenny Slate, Obvious Child), the ex-girlfriend of the deceased, whom she dumped right before his untimely death. Bill and Rose bond over a shared sense of guilt and shame, and Bill quickly falls for her. Unfortunately for him, Rose soon begins dating Robbie. Now Bill has to decide whether to stand by his brother’s side as usual or finally stand up to his brother and go after the girl of his dreams.

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