Long Way North

This beautifully drawn animated adventure tells the story of a young aristocrat, Sasha, growing up in Saint Petersburg in the late 19th century. Sasha’s explorer grandfather, Oloukine, has gone missing while on an expedition to the North Pole, and though everyone else believes him dead, Sasha doesn’t. She discovers his itinerary and becomes convinced that he hasn’t been found because the search for him and his ship, the famous Davai, has been taking place in the wrong part of the North Pole. Sasha’s parents worry that she’s ill-suited for her aristocratic rank and make plans to arrange a marriage for her, but all Sasha wants to do is follow in her grandfather’s footsteps and become an explorer like him. Now that she knows the ship’s true destination, she escapes from her home in Russia and embarks on a journey north, determined to find out what really happened to Oloukine and save his tattered reputation—but the journey may not be as easy as Sasha would like. Long Way North tells a spirited and enchanting tale of hope and perseverance even in the face of unexpected obstacles.

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